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Nun ist es soweit, die Guggenloch Beutel

haben ein neues Kleid!

Im Mai:
10 % Rabatt auf alle Produkte im neuen Beutel

Feinbäckerei Guggenloch AG

Spelt bakery products for over 40 years 
Naturally pure and organic!

Guggenloch products are made from high-quality, organic ingredients using traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

In addition to the traditional Guetzli, buttery flûtes, grand cru chocolates and various seasonal products are produced -  with no palm oil in sight!!!!  


Spelt flour

We innovative while remaining true to our roots. Especially when it comes to choosing the best ingredients. Hildegard von Bingen knew that spelt was warming, nutritious and easily digestible. Or to put it another way: our spelt flour is rich in proteins, minerals and dietary fibres. And it's delicious!


Handmade in Eastern Switzerland

Tasty organic baked goods of the highest quality – we have been committed to this credo since 1977. In our family business, we live the joy of craftsmanship and pass on our knowledge to the next generation. To this day, we produce and bake in our local factory and supply restaurants and shops throughout Switzerland.


Palm oil-free

We‘re a small company, but we engage with big issues. For more than 10 years we have avoided palm fat and used butter or Vebugan for our baked goods. The premium you pay for the use of environmentally friendly fats helps us to invest in the protection of rainforests and animals.



We continue the pioneering work that we began with our certified organic biscuits. Organic not only tastes better, but is also healthier and more sustainable. For people and the environment. That's why all the raw materials we use come from fair and monitored cultivation.